Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting more formally known as abrasive blasting is our method for preparing metals for powder coating and metal finishing. We sandblast to very high standards comparitively, our sandblasting standards result in a base metal visually free of oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, or rust. So once it's finished it has a perfectly silver surface without blemish, this standard of sandblasting isn't common and is more time consuming but the end product is going to out last other finishes.

With metals like stainless steel we use blasting to give parts a smooth shiney finish.

We do a high quality blast job to ensure that what we powder coat as well as anything we send out our doors can truly be considered high quality.


SandblastingPicWhat gives sandblasting its versatility is it's wide array of different blasting medias, from crushed walnut shells to manufactured steel shot and every hardness inbetween support companies have created medias for a myraid of uses. Aluminum oxide is our standard media for cleaning steel parts ridding it of oil, mill scale and rust. We also use glass impact beads a lot as a gentler media for aluminum as well as giving stainless steel a bright shiney finish. But that's just the everyday stuff, we've used glass to glaze light covers, walnut can be used to degrease tough engine build-up as well as strip paint and rust without marring the base metal. Steel shot is the most aggresive media we use and can reduce several layers of paint and grime to bare metal in just a few passes. This means you have options you pick the right media for the job and we'll do the dirty work.

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Rent the Room

sandblastingPic3DIY Sandblasting is a service we provide for the person looking to blast off that rusty hinge, clean up a set of wheels, or take some car parts back down to bare metal and not have it cost them an arm and a leg. The system is all set up, it's ready to roll and we don't feel you need to pay us to do it for you if you don't want to. You know what you're looking for, the hose is in your hands you can get it done yourself. Or think of it as a little opportunity to make some money.

We have a great system, two air compressors for constant sandblasting pressure, a sand reclaming system, dust collection, and plenty of space for big jobs. As well as a blast cabinet where we use glass impact beads for a cleaner looking finish.

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