Welding and Fabrication

Naylors Custom Metal Cutting takes welding a little too seriously sometimes, for instance we TIG welded lawn decorations for 5 plus years because the process was cleaner, penetration was easily manipulated, and appearance was superior. Well, maybe that was overkill.. But everything we sold looked like it was welded by a good hand. But probably no one even noticed, haha but we didn't care, those are the best welded pumpkins in the great state of Wisconsin no question. So that's the sort of pervasive hyper-sensitivity to quality that's leaked into all aspects of our company

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We can weld any common material, stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless alloys, any aluminium alloy, castings steel and aluminum, we've done a little brazing and a little copper. So we're pretty well versed in our materials, but we're also pretty well versed in our processes and where to use them. We use spray transfer MIG for the most part because we position our parts for easy welding. Stainless steel TIG is our second most commonly used process, we do a lot of stainless frames for food processing companies. Short circuit on carbon steel is probably most common actually, but only by volumn, we churn out a lot of tanks and tank stands. But if we were to compare processes by how many feet of weld, no doubt spray transfer.

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